Cahokia Mounds

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Cahokia Mounds

Cahokia Mounds

City of the Sun

The Birdman Tablet


The Mystery

Hundreds of years before Columbus sailed across the Atlantic, a society thrived along the floodplain on the Mississippi River for nearly 700 years. It was the largest society north of Mexico. We know this place today as Cahokia.

Cahokia was ruled by a religious and political leader known as the Great Sun. He ruled from the top of the largest mound in Cahokia. Today this mound is known as Monks Mound.

Paintings by Michael Hampshire

Where is Cahokia Mounds?

The Site

Monks Mound

Mound 72

Tim Vizer/BND


The Stockade

George Bloodsworth


Michael Hampshire

Doug McKay

Cahokia existed from about 700 -1400 CE. The city was eventually abandoned. What happened to Cahokia? Some historians point to a number of possible causes such as warfare, disease, or famine.

Cahokia Mounds website


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