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DEFINITION OF THE DRUGCaffeine is a stimulant drug. It mostly controls the nervious system in the human body.


General Information

Across American and over 70 other countries, caffeine has been the most popular drug of all. It's found in items like tea, pop, cola, coffee, chocolate and even sometimes in medications. People drink this drug 90% every day. Children can drink it too, but they have to be over four years old. Measurments on someone's height and weight are very important to determine the amount of caffeine they can only drink.

Caffeine effects the human body's brain and nervous system to speed up and make it awake. There are some good reasons why caffeine is ok to drink and some reasons why it isn't.


If high levels of pain or stress are accuring by the use of caffeine, don't drink continuesly. Get some rest for about ten minutes or more. This should help after a while, to relax the parts in a person's body overloaded with too much work that was done during the day.


Good reasons why to drink caffeine is that, it puts focus on what a person is going to do during the day and wakes up. It stays alert to actions happening around, and works/moves faster. But bad reasons are that it mostly causes laziness after a while. (Headaches and heart rate increases.) Worriness/stress happens later on, so its hard to sleep at night. (At least six hours for the average person.)


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