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Cafeteria, food court menu

Reducing Food Waste in School CafeteriasCaitlin Fischetti

Possible Solutions:-Extending lunch periods from 20 to 30 minutes reduced food waste by 33%.-If students have recess right before lunch, food waste can be reduced by one third.-Allow students to take food from the cafeteria to eat for a later snack.-Allow kids to self serve their lunch.-Have determined table for unopened or uneaten foods that other children can take-Composte food waste.

The Problem:The USDA estimates that 31% of food at the retail and consumer level went uneaten in the United States in 2010. Research has found that children in school cafeterias mirror these statistics as well.

Fast Facts-Girls waste more food than boys-Younger children waste more food than older children-Salad, veggies, and fruit are the most wasted items


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