Cadre 32 EDL-675 Group Humbly Awesome Final Project

by bdcorkle
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Cadre 32 EDL-675 Group Humbly Awesome Final Project

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Cadre 32Final Project

Phases of a Group

8 Keys to Success

Focus Circle


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MBTI and JoHari's Window

Four score and seven years ago...or at least in some ways it feels that way, 38 Knights (a nongender specific position) and 3 wise sisters, armed with puzzle pieces, found while shopping for tools at the local Doane convienence store (the liquor store was closed), started an excellent journey in Kahoots with their two dogs wearing new skin, they climbed a mountain, singing songs of leadership, with only iMovies and a PowerPoint as their guide and stopping only to reflect using mirrors to their soul. While their journey has just begun, the tools and experiences have prepared them well for what lies ahead.




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