Caddo Tribe

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Caddo Tribe

Caddo Tribe

In warm weather the Caddo wouldn't wear anything covering their upper body. Both men and women decorated their bodies with painting and tattooing. Traditionally these indians traveled by foot and would use dogs pulling sleds to transport things. The Caddo people produced beautiful art including pottery, woodcarvings, and baskets.

Caddo Facts



The Caddo lived in the Coastal Plains in the Piney Forests. The Caddo were governed by confederacies and by elected leaders. Every tribe would join together under 1 leader but kept their own chief. They were part of the Great Mississippian culture. It was the most powerful and srongest culture.Their confederacy was called Tejas (Te-haas). Tejas like Texas means those who are friends. There are two main groups called the Kadohadacho and the Tejas.

The Caddo were farmers and provided corn, beans, squash, sunflower seeds, and cotton.They also were expert fisherman and eat/hunted deer, bear, wild hogs, turkey,and ducks. Also half of the Caddo's diet was from farming. The Caddo were Sedentary,and they lived in dome shaped huts made of grass.

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