[2015] Gabriel Ingram: Caddo Indians

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[2015] Gabriel Ingram: Caddo Indians

Location:The Caddo tribe was living in what is now East Texas, northern Louisiana and portions of southern Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Clothes:The men often wore breech clothes and were topless.Womenoften worewrap-around skirts and ponchos.

Food:They grew corn, beans, and squash in their farms. They also hunted lots of deer, turkey, rabbits and squirrels.

Caddo Indians

Shelter: The Caddo did not have advanced building tools so they built grass dome-shaped houses that could fit up to 30 people into one of them.

Interesting Facts:1. The most important Caddo instrument is the drum.2. The Caddos were most famous for their pottery.3. The Caddo Indians were farming people.4. The Caddos preferred to travel by land.5. The Caddos didn't live in tepees.

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