[2015] Abby Kaufmanam: CA Central Valley

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[2015] Abby Kaufmanam: CA Central Valley

CA Central Valley

by Abby

Landformsthere are many cool landforms in the central valley like rivers,fields, fresh and brackish lakes,marshes, and mountains.

Weather and ClimateIn the summers of the central valley it is hot like every other place in America.But in the winter it is cooler and wetter.

Human impactthe land of the CA central valley has changed a lot the farming is one thing that changed. a lot of people like to visit the full belly farm and check all the great fruits and veggies.

Natural ResourcesThe resources of the central valley are limtless many delicous and nutrious goods can be found in the central valley like grapes, tomatoes,lettuce,and many more.

ElevationThe central valley is one hudred feet above sea level in the past the valley was way lower than one hundred feet and because it got higher the central valley divided into San Juaquin.


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