c is for cracker jack

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c is for cracker jack

C is for Cracker JackBy:Whitney BennettFebruary 2013

I chose Cracker Jack.I chose Cracker Jack because they are quite tasty.I want to know more about them.

The inventors name are Louis and Frederich Rueckheim.Louis Rueckheim was borned in September in 1849.His death was on 15,1927.Frederich birth was on April 18,1846.Frederich death was on January 2,1934.They worked on a farm and they were inventors. Frederich had a wife and a son.He had 200 dollars with starting cracker jack.They didn't create any thing else after they invented cracker jack.

1896-January 7-Fannie Farmer publishes her first cookbook.May18-Plessy vs Ferguson: The U.S. Supreme Court introduces the "seperate but equal" doctrine and up holds racial segregation.January 4-Utah is admitted as the 45th U.S. state.

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What is Cracker Jack ? Cracker Jack is a U.S. brand of snack consisting of strong molasses-flavored candy coated popcorn and peanuts, well known for being packaged with a prize inside.Why was it important?It is important because it is something to eat and mostly because it tastes so delicious. Everyone who eats it benefits from it.



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