C Block 6A Science Syllabus

by Rsuroland
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C Block 6A Science Syllabus

Science 6ACourse Syllabus

Hello!My name is Ms. Roland, and I will be your instructor for the next 6 weeks. This is my fourth year teaching, and I am very excited to be working with you! My favorite things include weightlifting, chocolate, bowling, and my dog, Tank. I cannot wait to get to know you.Contact InformationPhone Number: (480)498-6112Text-only Number: (602)892-5374e-mail address: rachel.roland@primaveratech.or

Synchronous Session Times:Tuesdays 11 AmIf you cannot attend a session, please message me before Friday at noon

Course Information6 week courseC3 Start date: 11/23/15C3 End Date: 1/8/16**Attendance**Submit Attendence Daily!

Course Tips:1. Follow the pacing calendar2. Attend at least 1 Adobe session a week.3. Use all 3 attempts on Checkpoints4. Post at least 2 discussion board responses a day5. Check the announcements, and your messages, daily!

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Grading Policy

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