Byzantine Christianity

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Byzantine Christianity

In 330A.D the Roman emperor had split thier empire in half between east and west.The east half was the Byzantine Empire which was built on the Greek colony Byzantium.After the fall of the western half of the Roman empire in 476A.D. the Bzyzantine empire was still runing on Roman law, had Roman political institutions, and even its main language was Latin.

Byzantine Christianity

The Eastern Orthodox church and the Western Catholic church divided because they both had different languages such that the Eastern Orthodox Church spoke Greek while the Western Catholic Church spoke Latin just like the origional Rome. After all they both compete to claim the legacy of Imperial Rome.Also the Orthodox Church Emperor was the Ceaser and the Pope while the Catholic Church was just the Pope.

The Byzantine Empire had transfered its knowledge of the classical Greece over to the Islamic world and to the Christian West. The Byzantine Empire had also spread the Christian faith to the Bulkan Slavic people and to Russia.



Cultural Influence


The Russian coversion to Christianitity was that the Prince of Rus wanted a religion that could bring his people together so he chose Christianity because of Political and commercial consideration and it allowed alcohol.

Russia Conversion


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