Byzantine Art

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Byzantine Art

An alphabet for the Slavic lanugage, it was created in A.D. 863 by the missionary Cyril. Called the Cyrillic Alphabet in honor of Cyril, it was used in mnay translations of the bible and church ceremonies, brining recognition to him. Nowadays, the Russians, Ukranians, Bulgarians, and Serbs still use it.

Religious scholars created this art form. They decorated books with designs, letterings, and paintings. The paintings they used showed both religious themes and Byzantine daily life. These beautiful pieces of art provided records of daily life between A.D. 300 and A.D. 1200

A type of art Byzantine excelled in, mosiacs were pictures made of tiny pieces of glass or stone in plaster. The best mosiacs capture skin tones and clothing textures. Constantine VII likened the mosiacs to living jig-saw puzzles.

Illuminated Manuscripts

Cyrillic Alphabet


Byzantine Art


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