Bystander Effect and Confromity

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Bystander Effect and Confromity

Bystander EffectThe bystander effect occurs when the presence of other people discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation.More people = Less likely to act Examples: -Criminal Minds: In an episode were there is group of 3 murderers, and one of them regrets killing all those women, but he doesn't do anything because he doesn't want to be excluded. -Kitty Genovese: A women who was murdered in her neighborhood in New York. A lot of people were present in her murder, but none of them did anything because no one else did.

Bystander Effect & Conformity

ConformityConformity is when people conform to well accepted social norms so they don't feel excluded from society.Examples:-Mean Girls: When Regina George tells Cady Heron that on Wednesdays they wear pink, and Cady follows this social norm even if she is against it.-Stanford Prision Experience: When the students, selected as guards, used for the experiment started believing they were more than the "prisioners". This happened when a mean guard started mistreating the prisioners.

Causes of The Bystander EffectMain Cause: Social NormsPeople won't act if they don't see someone acting before them. Acting might make them feel excluded.

Causes of ConformityMain Cause: Social PressureIndividuals follow social norms for them to not get judged by society.

Solutions:Bystander Effect:-Teen Workshops: were they teach kids how to act in emergency situations.Conformity:-Creative Activity: it takes your mind off of any kind of pressureEx: sports, painting, reading, etc.


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