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byronic heroes

Byronic Heroes

Edward Cullen, from the "Twilight" series by Stephanie Mayer, is a Byronic hero. He doesn't like what he is and falls in love with Bella, a human and the main character. He is conflicted by this because he wants to drink her blood.

April Hyde

Bruce Wayne, does not like his family's history or the ties they have so he created himself a new identity, Batman. he often srtuggles between good and evil. He does not care for authority.

Erik, the Phantom from "Phantom of the Opera", has characteristics of a Byronic hero. He terrorizes the people in the opera house but at the same time, he is in love with Christine, the main character, and acts as her protecter and "angel".

Spiderman has super-human abilities, which is part of what makes him a Byronic hero. He also stuggles between good and evil and falls for a girl.

Anakin Skywalker, from the "Star Wars" trilogy, had a rough childhood. Later he became very rebellious and disrespectful of authority. He also falls for Padme. His decisions lead to his destruction.

Gregory House, from House the television series, has abilities that most people do not have. Because of his abilities he does not like to listen to other people's opinions. He is driven by his drug addiction and past traumas. These qualities make House a Byronic Hero.

Captain Jack Sparrow, from "Pirates of the Caribbean," is an outcast. He acts on his feet and is very mysterious. He also stuggles between good and evil. He has a lack of respect for authority and is self destructive with alcohol.

Beast, from "Beauty and the Beast," constantly struggles with his past. He has been exiled and is very destructive. He is also extremely demanding. He falls in love with Belle. These qualities make him a Byronic hero.

Severus Snape, from J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series, is demanding and arrogant. He lacks respect for his fellow professors. Others often accuse and disregard him because of his past.

Wolverine, from X-Men, is a mysterios character. He is rebellious. Wolverine is tormented by his past.

Byronic Hero - A kind of hero found in several of the works of Lord Byron. Like Byron himself, a Byronic hero is a melancholy and rebellious young man, distressed by a terrible wrong he committed in the past.


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