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Personal devices will only be allowed to connect to the BYLD network (not personal Wi-Fi accounts, “hot spots” or any manner of connection).

Students must comply with acceptable use terms for accessing the Internet while on school campus.

Students must comply with media specialist/teachers’ directions for use including requests to turn off the device.

The device may only be used to access files or Internet sites which are relevant to the classroom curriculum. Non-instructional games are not permitted.

Students are responsible for making sure devices are fully charged prior to use. Students will not be allowed to charge devices in the media center.

Students are responsible for the security of their personal devices.

All devices must turned off and be put away unless being used during a supervised lesson with a teacher or media specialist for a specific purpose.

This rule includes:Before SchoolBetween ClassesLunch PeriodsAfter School

The Media Center will follow the discipline procedures as directed by Administration for misuse of the devices.



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