[2014] Tyler Tompkins (Room 22 4th Grade): By the Great Horn Spoon

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[2014] Tyler Tompkins (Room 22 4th Grade): By the Great Horn Spoon

Author: Sid Fleischman

Title: The Great Horn Spoon

CharactersCut-Eye Higgins , Jack , Dr. Buckbee, Mr. Azariah Jones, Cheap John, Quartz Jackson, Pitch-Pine Billy, Mountain Ox, Stubb, Aunt Arabella , Hanna, Cook, and Good Luck



SettingBostonLady WilmaCallaoSan FranciscoSacramentoHangtown

Book Report


Point of View

I know that the point of view is in third person because they used the words "he" or "they".

I believe the conflict is person vs. person because Cut Eye Higgins firstly stole Jack and Praiseworthy's passage money, then Praiseworthy struck a road agent up the side of a hill, and later Praisworthy fought Mountain Ox.

I believe that the tone was heroic when Praiseworthy caught the cut-purse, when they made it to San Francisco and found gold in Hangtown the tone was happy, and finally when Praiseworthy purposed to Aunt Arabella the tone was romantic.

I believe that the theme of the story is friendship because Praiseworthy and Jack became friends and partners not just butler and master. In the story they face eduring and scary sitautions that they helped them bond.


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