[2014] Regan Laird (Room 22 4th Grade): By the Great Horn

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[2014] Regan Laird (Room 22 4th Grade): By the Great Horn

Author: Sid Fleischman

Title: By the Great Horn Spoon

Quote from By the Great Horn Spoon,"They looked like family. They felt very much like a family. They were a family"

Main EventsTraveled around Cape HornArriving in CaliforniaFinding goldJack getting a bushal of necktiesPraiseworthy's fightPraiseworthy askig Aunt Arabella to marry him

SettingsBostonLady WilmaCaliforniaHang TownShirt Tail CampSacramento San FranciscoCalloRio de JaniroThe Long Wharf

Book Report

Lady Wilma


Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

Person vs SocityThe problem of the story was that Aunt Arabella didn't have enough to keep a house full of memeries. What made it worse was that Cut Eye Higgins a cut purse theif stole money from Jack and Praiseworthy. Jack and Praiseworthy were going to California to get gold and save their house.

In conclusion, Jack and Praisworthy had quite an adventure. They traveled fifthteen thousand miles around Cape Horn. This was from Boston to California. Jack and Praiseworthy found gold, but Praiseworthy also found love.

I think this book was amazing! I thought it was adventurious and exciting because the story entertains the reader by talking about Jack and Praiseworthy finding gold. I liked the part when Jack fell of Stubb. Well, let's just say I liked it all! I would say the author put some great detail into it. If I had to rate it on a scale from 1-10, I would rate it to be... 10!

CharactersJackPraiseworthyAunt ArabellaContenceSarhaCut Eye HigginsQuartz Jackson Pitch- Pine BillyDr. BuckbeeCaptain SwainGood Luck Mountain JimMountain OxCatsStubbCheap JohnMr. Azariah JonesCookThe French manHannaChinese laundry manSoldiersJonas T. FletcherRoad Agents Justice of PeaceJimmie-From Town

ThemeI think the theme of the story isfriendship because Praiseworthy and Jack were bonding together.They develop friendship by being together for a long time.

Protagonistand AntagonistThe protagonist of the story is Jack and Praiseworthy.The antagonist is Cut Eye Higgins.

By: Regan Laird

Point of View3rdPerson

ToneThe time it was exciting was when Jack and Praiseworthy found gold. The part when it was scary was the fight with Mountain Ox. When Jack and Praiseworthy were on the Lady Wilma, traveling to California I thought it was adventurous.

ToneThe tone was Mysterious when Jack and Praiseworthy were trying to find the cut- purse.


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