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Written by: Le Anh, Salina, Nhi, HellenPhotos taken by: Vu Minh 12BDesigned by: Hellen 10V

Life at school

7am, the school is quiet, seems like nothing would ever disturb its deep deep sleep. However, with half an hour pass by, the atmosphere seems agitated because more students are coming in. As it getting towards the registration, the noise seems so unbearably rambunctious and boisterous. Every corner of the corridor is permeated by revolting shouting. Then a fearsome sound comes to the rescue, pulling you out of your misery, the bell, and the noise seems to cool down as everyone go to their class. That is how BVIS starts its own unique morning! Break time, one of the most wanted time for us, where teachers can have a rest in the teacher room and students rush through the Sunken Garden. Clustered along with groups or in two, it is recognizable to hear their gossips throughout the hall and people start to have a line to get their drinks and a quick snack. Some students even have a Uno card game before period four starts. It’s such an exciting break, isn’t it? As usual, after an exhausted time of working hard in period four and five obviously that the teachers and students are really – really – hungry, so the class just pack away things as fast as possible and rush to the canteen, where if you are slow, you would have to wait and smell the tasty scent in the air – an experience that most of the students have tried before! As time passes by, groups by groups finish their lunch and might spend the time in the library, sunken garden are even some small practice matches on the field. What a longest break!

At 2:35pm, students are packing up as well as the teachers after spending the remains of the energy from lunch for period six and five. Along the hall, an influx of students are so excited to go home so they pack their bags and have a real quick chat with their folks about homework before some of them with an excitement to go home and others are going to their clubs.




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