bv1 chapter 11 un viaje en avion

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bv1 chapter 11 un viaje en avion

BV1 Chapter 11

Un viaje en aviónVocabulary – Airports – departures and arrivals, Airline personnel, Airport activitiesGrammar Hacer, poner, traer, salir in the present tense, Present progressive, Saber and conocer in the present

Sabes el vocabulario?

Saber and Conocer

Irregular yo verbs are considered regular verbs in all forms except the yo form.conocer - conozco, conoces, conoce, conocemos, conocenhacer - hago, haces, hace, hacemos, hacenponer - pongo, pones, pone, ponemos, ponensaber - sé, sabes, sabe, sabemos, sabentraer - traigo, traes, trae, traemos, traenver - veo, ves, ve, vemos, vensalir - salgo, sales,sale,salimos, salen

The present progressive tense is for actions currently in progress. Use a form of estar and the "gerundio" or "-ing" form of the verb. To form regular gerunds in SpanishTake off the -ar and add "-ando"Take off the -er/-ir and add "-iendo"

Present Progressive tense

Examples:You are studying - Estás estudiandoWe are learning - Estamos aprendiendo

Irregular yo verbs

Nasca Lines


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