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Button Gwinett

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Button Gwinett

The Life of Button Gwinnett was born in April 1735 in Gloucestershire, England. At thirty years old, he arrived in Savannah and worked as a merchant. He purchased St. Catherines Island and became a planter. He started being evolved in politics more and won an election for the Commons House of Assembly in 1769. Once 1773 came, he became tight with his money. Gwinnett had to withdraw from politics and sell most of his property.

The Life of Button (cont'd) The Revolutionary War pulled him back into politics. He was on many comittees in Philadelphia that supported separation from England. Button Gwinnett signed the Declaration of Independence along with Lyman Hall and George Walton, who were from Georgia as well. Gwinnett played an important role in the Constitution of 1777. In 1777, the Council of Safety appointed him to be Georgia's president and commander-in-chief after their former president, Archibald Bulloch, died.

George Walton, Lyman Hall, and Button Gwinnett signed the Declaration of Independence

Button Gwinnett was a very important man in Georgia's history. He had a county named after him-Gwinnett County.

Archibald Bulloch-president and commander-in-chief before Gwinnett


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