Butterfly Life Cycle

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Butterfly Life Cycle

-Female butterflies lay many eggs during theirshort life-Eggs are laid in a protected location, usually on a plant-They attach to the plant with a fast-drying glue-like chemical-Eggs come in many shapes and colors-They have a thin, tough shell with raised ribs or pits

Stage One: Egg

Stage Two: Caterpillar

-A Caterpillar hatches from the egg-The second stage is also known as the Larval Stage-Last from 2 weeks to a month-Main feeding stage-Caterpillars eat constantly and grow rapidly

Stage Three: Pupa

-Encased in a Chrysalis-Does not eat during this stage-Last a few days to many months-Suspended from a silk pad and abdominal hooks-Chrysalis becomes transparent about a day before the butterfly emerges

Stage Four: Butterfly

-Adult Butterfly emerges full grown from its chrysalis-Its wings are wrinkled, wet and deflated-Abdomen is distended with fluid-Pumps fluid into wings through veins-Main purpose of the final stage is to mate and reproduce

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