[2015] Megan Polis (Spring 01): Butterfly Life Cycle

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Life Science

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[2015] Megan Polis (Spring 01): Butterfly Life Cycle

Click the picture to practice what you have learned by identifying the names of each stage.

Teach 1

Click the picture to read more about the butterfly life cycle.

Activity 2

Click the picture to identify the steps of the butterfly life cycle by putting the stages in the correct order.

Teach 2

Watch the video to learn about how caterpillars become butterflies.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Activity 1

Apply:Create a poster showing the life cycle of a butterfly. Remember to label each of the life stages and place them in the correct order.

Objective: Students willlearn about the life cycle of a butterfly and identify each of the stages by placing them in sequential order.

Purpose: To teach students about the life cycle of butterflies.

Students will be assessed on correct identification, stage sequencing, and overall appearance.


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