Butterflies 2

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Butterflies 2

Lepidoptera is a big group of insects that includes that includes butterflies. It is one of the most recognizable group of insects the world.They are found on all continents, except Antarctica. We can found Lepidoptera in the deserts and in the rainforests, but almost always associated with higher plants, especially angiosperms (flowering plants).Lepidopteran species are soft bodied and fragile. In the immature stages move slowly or are immobile, and then are exposed to predation. Adult butterflies are eaten by birds, lizards, amphibians, dragonflies and spiders. Caterpillars and pupa can be eaten, not only by birds but invertebrate predators, small mammals, as well as fungi and bacteria. Butterflies normally don't associate with each other, except for migrating species, and are relatively asocial. An adult (female or male) attracts other adult normally using visual stimuli, especially in diurnal species like most butterflies. However, the females of most nocturnal species, use pheromones to attract males.Flight is an important aspect of the lives of butterflies and is used for evading predators, searching for food and finding mates. Navigation is important to lepidopteran species, especially for those that migrate. Lepidopteran migration is usually seasonal, the insects moving to escape dry seasons or other bad conditions. Their life cycle normally consists of an egg, larva, pupa, and an adult. The is larva is commonly called caterpillar, and the pupa of butterflies is called chrysalis.The caterpillars feed on plants matter that surronds them. Aduts absorb nectar or other liquid subtances.



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