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Sharia Law


Definition:Sharia Law -the code of law derived from the Koran and from the Teachings and exapmle of Mohammed; "sharia is only applicable to Muslims."

History:Shara started with Allah. Beetween the 7th and the 10 centry it was adapted and spread through the Muslim empire. During the 10 centry was Sharia's golden age. Sharia is still being addapted today, so it can fit modern society.

Who benifits from Sharia Law:Men and People who don't Break the law. For exsample Men can beat there wives if they don't listen to them. Also if you break the law there are crule punishments, so some people who don't break laws gain mercy.

Who is harmed by Sharia Law:Women are the most harmed by this law. The basicly can't do anything unless they are with a male. There husbands can beat them. There a whole landry list of how women are harmed by this law!

In my oppinon, I beilive that this is a very dangrous usless set of laws. We need to protect people from this.



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