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Business Management

Nature of the WorkControl expenses and income with cost-benefit analysis.Direct employees with tasks in order to fulfil deadlines.Evaluate the productivity of your employees.Lead your business with finanacial analysis and business strategies.

Business Management

Average EarningsSpecific to location and type of business.New Jersey has the highest average earnings in the United States at $161,370.Managers of financial investment businesses have the highest average pay of $176,790.

Working ConditionsComfortable because they usually work in an office with their own staff.A full 40 hour week with non-flexible hours.Harsh deadlines can bring up the possibility of overtime.

Skills, Abilities, and RequirementsLeadership, self-confidence, flexibility, determination, and decisiveness are important abilities to possess.Management skills are required.Requirements are dependent on the specific business.

Employment OutlookFrom 2012-2022 there is a projected 12 percent increase in employment. (1972700 to 2216800)Dependent of the formation of new businesses and the expanision of existing ones.Secure job because of the need for management of all businesses.

Personal Appeal and FitAlways take on the responsibility to complete all of my tasks on time.Frequently recomended to go into management.At this moment, I do not want to go into business management because I have too many second thoughts for a decision that would shape my entire life.

Educational RequirementsMost business managers have a bachelors degree in business administration, however it is not required.Classes required include all of the common core as well as many classes like communication, decision making, finance, and marketing.The goals of these classes are to communicate effectively in business,make quick and effective business decisions, demonstrate knowledge of current business events and trends, and master entry level position skills.The business administration required courses that take two years to complete normally range from $8,000 to $20,000 per year.Tuition increases the range from $24,000 to $45,000 per year depending on the institiution.

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