Business in Ethiopia

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Business in Ethiopia

Business in Ethiopia

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Country: EthiopiaCurrency: Ethiopian birrMajor Businesses in country:MIDROC Ethiopia (a group of over 70 companies) is a private investment company 14 billion annual revenue What the country is known for:Ethiopia is known for agricultural busniess and financial institutions

Acceptable public behavior:Business meetings begin informally, serving tea or coffee. Ask personal questions (about family). Common to have agenda to follow. No expected time for meeting to end, elders choose when to leave. Appropriate business attire:Suit and tie (western influenced)How to address a client:Greetings are formal and polite with direct eye contact, elders first, gentle handshakes, members of opposite sex have no physical contact, business cards given without formal ritual, present and receive business cards with the right hand only or with both hands

What not to say:Don't mention other religions, Food and Drink:Meals are based around bread like injera, with stews on it. It is eaten with fingers. Traditional food doesn't use pork. Before eating guests are given soap, water, and towel. Tej is a honey wine, Ambo is a fizzy bottled mineral water, coffee is popular Other Facts:Ethiopians are rarely on time, they follow the Gregorian calendar (13 months), it is rude to open windows on hot bus rides, the American "OK" sign signifies homosexuality which is not accepted, never use your left hand



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