Business Identity Theft Project

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Business Identity Theft Project

Identity Theft

Guarding your IdentityIt is very important to guarding your identity especially in today's society. If someone finds one piece of your imformation they then have access to almost anything you own.

Problems May Occur- Bankruptcy filed in your name.- Student Loans paid with your name. - Access to your Mail- Criminal actions could be followed.

How Your Identity Can Be StolenInsurance- Somone uses your social security number to pay for insurance they need. Medical- Someone uses your health insurance to get treated. Child- Most children have social security numbers, but parents don't check to see if they have a credit file, criminal can goes years off this without getting caught.

Identity Theft Scams- ATM skimming - Hacking - Dumpster Diving - Mailbox raiding - Spyware

Methods to Protect Against Identity Theft- Strengthening Your Digital Security- At-Home Security shred information when done. - Freezing Credit as a Safety Precaution

Steps You Should Take If Your Are A Victim- Place an offical Fraud Alert- Contact Any Institution Directly Affected- Contact the FTC- File a Police Report- Protect Your Social Security Number


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