Business as Usual

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Business as Usual

Internet Safety Poster

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Claire's glogster!

how to prevent malicious code-trojan horses, attack scripts,spyware

I am most aware of people hacking into my account

my weaknesses are uploading pictures of myself on a very dangerous website.

strength- being careful on the internet internet internet text here

I think i will change people from hacking into other peoples account and i will change viruses from coming up

My rules for the internet are don't let people hack to your account, dont put personal information on the internet, don't uplaod pictures of yourself and , let your parents see the website you are wanting to get on before you get on it.

Host IPS Host Hardening Routing ACL'S

Intellucal property is the work or invention that is the result of creativity.

It is important to avoid plagurism becuase it's like copying someones else's work.

I think why you should respect intellucal property is it's the most burning inernational issues.

Some of the three biggest time wasters are twitter,facebook,and games on the internet



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