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ArmourBushrangers would where armour to protect themselves because they would get into a lot of gun fights so they needed something bullet proof enough to protect them. The most famous bushranger armour is Ned Kelly's armour. He had a metal bucket on his head. and it is very famous.

BushrangersBushrangers were originally referred to run away convicts in the early days of the British settlement in Australia. They were people who were mostly men who committed crimes like killing people, taking things that do not belong to them and would most of the time would steel gold. Bushrangers would use the bush as their base to hide from the police so they would not get punished for their crimes. The bushrangers would usually travel, commit crimes and fight in gangs. A well known gang in the gold rush years were called the Kelly Gang and the leader of the gang was Dan Ned Kelly. Dan Kelly or better known as Ned Kelly was one of the many most famous bushrangers of all time.

Bushrangers would try to steal from from the riches people because if they are rich they would have have lots of money and gold.

How did they change Australia's Identity? Bushrangers changed Australia's identiy by making the country more secure because there were very dangerous and the country needed better security to make the country safer.They also made people work more as a team while also making the people more independent.

By Freya Collins

WeaponsBushrangers would always carry lots and lots of weapons because they would need to threatin the lives of people to get the people to hand over the gold. Bushrangers would also get into a lot of fights with the police so they needed to preparded in battle.They would have guns called rifles and would chop the ends off the gun so it would fit in the bushrangers belt.