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The terible fires did a lot of damage it resulted in 173 deaths and injured 5000 people. It destroyed 2030 homes and damaged 78 townships.11,800 head of livestock perished in the fires a lot of unpredictable things happened during the fires. Black Saturday was one of the most dangerous disasters ever recorded. The wind speed of was aproximately 100km per hour. he fires could have been caused by a long period of a relentless drought and overbearing heat then spot fires started occurring and that was what caused the huge and death taking bush fires in Victoria. the cosr of the damage was $4.4 million and people donated money to help develope better warnign systems


black Saturday- bushfires by Wahrapaw Htoo

some human responses to the fires were-People donated their money to help-develop better warning systems-after the bushfires a lot of people were left homeless so communities’ came around and started refuges and sheltersHere down below is a famous picture that went viral of a true hero feeding water to a koala

400 bushfires started during the day black Saturday began. The fires started to spread through the south east of Victoria. Over 5000 fire fighters from all over Australia and New Zealand and the united states came to help one Australian fighter was killed when a wilting tree fell over him.


things that happened during the fires



image of the exreme fires

How can people survive a bushfire?-Make sure you know where a safe place is-Have a backup plan unless your first plan doesn’t work or isn’t available due to the fire-don’t hesitate to escape the fire and leave -early or fight to the end!-own a fire safety kit


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