Bush Tucker Assignment

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Bush Tucker Assignment


DESIGN BRIEFResearch one native Australian Bush Food as allocated by the teacher. Prepare and present a power point presentation following the set design criteria.

SYLLABUS OUTCOMES5.3.2 justifies food choices by analysing factors that influence eating habits5.4.1 collects, evaluates & applies information from a variety of sources5.4.2 communicates ideas & information using a range of media & appropriate terminology5.6.1 examines the relationship between food, technology and society

MARKING CRITIERIA Use these criteria to assess your own work and compare your assessment with the teachers.Marking scheme for Power Point Presentation Value1.Title page with image included /42.Description of food with appropriate design criteria /63.Where and when is the food located /44.Role and significance of the food to the Aboriginal people /55.How would they capture or collect the food /46.How the food is prepared for eating /47.An appropriate recipe with image included /58. Conclusion with appropriate design criteria /49.Bibliography, referencing any websites used /610.Creative use of colour, images, text, presentation techniques /511. Duration within five minutes, give or take one minute /3Your total /50Teachers total /50

DESIGN CRITERIAPOWER POINT PRESENTATION CRITERIA•Duration five minutes.•Be creative and colourful including appropriate images for your chosen food type.•Include the following information:-A title page, with an appropriate image/s of your food.-A brief description of what the food is and looks like, including an image.-Where and when Aboriginals could locate the food (i.e. near waterholes, during the wet season). -The role and significance of the food to them (i.e. was a good source of protein to maintain a balanced diet). -How they would capture or collect the food.-How they would prepare the food for eating. -An example of a recipe that used the food with an appropriate image.-A conclusion: include the current influence of this food and its relevance to contemporary cooking in Australia today.-A bibliography with a minimum of three websites (include URL address and name of website).•Each of the points above should be started on a new screen/page with an appropriate title.poster yourself



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