Burmese Python

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Burmese Python

PreviewThe Burmese python is invasive in Florida, especially in the Everglades and the wetlands. The reason why is that it is a top predator and eats many endangered species and is getting into the food web affecting many animals.

The Invasive Burmese Python

This chart shows the effect of burmese python on the environment, economy and socialism.


My Point of viewI think that it is bad for Burmese pythons to live in Florida. I think that they should be removed from there.

World`s Point of ViewAlmost all the world thinks that the Bumese python is affecting in a bad way.

Should we support or remove?According to the world's point of view, we get influenced into removing it. The fact that it is affecting th food web, many animals, especially endangered ones are being consumed by these snakes

How did it become invasive?The Burmese python became invasive because since there is people that like snake pets, they take some of them home. Sometimes (most of the time) the snake`s owner can leave it in the wild because they are either too big or they think it is better. On some situations, the snake can escape.

Basic Facts:-Burmese Pythons live in Asia.-It is the largest subspecies of the indian python.-The basic colors are pale tan, yellowish-brown or gray.-Pythons are constrictors which mean that instead of biting, they constrict their victim.-They usually prey on mammals, reptiles and birds of appropiate size (which is usually big).-Female snakes can lay up to 100 eggs.

What can the WORLD do?To prevent, people can simply either just don`t buy snakes or if you have one, don`t let it free in the wild.

This picture shows a python eating an alligator.

Evidence of My Point of View-Dangerous to tourists.-Risks indigenous animals` lives-Dangerous to houses nearby.-They carry a disease called Salmonella

Worries-Might breed a super snake with the African Rock Python (which is also invasive).-Has few predators for the python`s population to be controlled.

Eggs Inside a Python`s Body




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