Burchelli zebras

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Burchelli zebras

Burchelli Zebras By: Samantha Calvao

Scientific Name:Equus quagg burchelliMale's are called Stallion's Females are called Mares

Zebra orginates from the latin word zebra,which orginates from the portugese word "zevra" which means wild horse.

Anatomy/Appearance:Male height- 136cm, Weight- 313LbFemale height- 134cm, Weight- 302LbHas hoofed feet, large eyes to detect predator. Long, bristly, black and white Mane. No other zebra has the same striped pattern. Burchell Zebras are the lightest color of all zebras. It also has complety white legs and there stomach has no stripes.

Locomotion:Burchell Zebras use legs to run from enemies and they gallop.They run about 32-43 mph.Running fast is important to the zebra because it will help the zebra run away before becoming dinner.

DietNomadic Herbivore- Burchelli Zebras eat a varity of long and short grasses, they also eat leaves and other vegatation at times. Food web- Somewhere in the middle.

Adaptations:Obvious- The stripesThe strpes of the zebra may help confuse it's predators, mainly lions. The stripes may also help regulate the body temperature of te zebra.

Enemies: Most scared- Lions and spotted hyeanas.Also scared of Wild dogs, cheetahs and leapords.

Defence/ OffenseTo defend it's self zebras kick, bites and sometimes two males wrestle neck to neck only if another male tries to steal a female zebra from the family. They will also fight another animal to try and save a wounded zebra.

Habitat and Range: They perfer open woodland,scrub and grassland. Also they avoid dense vegetation. Zebras are very dependant on water and you will seldom see them more than 12Km from it.Inhabit- Savannas, open woodland and forest areas.

A Burchelli Zebra-extinct.

Two really cool facts about zebras is that they stand while they sleep and there ears show its mood.


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