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PASSIONAL CRIME: YOUNG MAN WAS MURDERED AT THE BEACHYesterday, a dead body was found in Kemer Beach by tourists. The police found out that victim's name is Daniel Martins. He was killed with a knife, which was found near the dead body. The police has found fingerprints on the knife and now they are searching for the criminal. We hope that the criminal will be caught soon.

HOPES WERE DESTROYED BY FAKE TICKETSFake lottery tickets are being investigated by the government. Last week, the lottery had been won by 2328 people. The revolts were started by this bizarre coincidence five days ago. Now the society is very angry and impatient. They should be calmed down by finding the ones who sold the fake tickets.

HELP FOR ECONOMY IS NEEDEDIn İstanbul, sales are being decreased so much these days. Discounts were applied but this is not a solution.The malls and shops should make more discounts. Instead of making discounts, they increased the prices. The society is made mad with the new increasing prices. Government should be warned about the financial problems by the economists.

TURKEY WAS ELIMINATED AGAIN FROM THE WORLD CUPTurkey has lots of problems these days. Our football team was eliminated from the World Cup by weaker teams like Hungary and Romania. After we got eliminated, the coach was fired and some of the players were dismissed from the team by The Turkish Football Federation. The fans are angry now. They should be calmed down and this will be done by the Federation.

GENERAL ELECTION IS DELAYEDThe tension between Turkey and Syria was increased due to the political crisis in the neighbour country. Turkey should not intervene militarily to prevent the disagreement in Syria but 100000 soldiers were transferred to the border by Turkish Army. The Turkish Government was forced by these events to delay the general elections until further notice.



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