Bunny Loves To Read

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Bunny Loves To Read

Bunny Loves to Read

I will call you by table to come play a board game. The object of the game is to reach the center where the books are. You will roll a die and move forward that number of spaces. You will land on a sight word and have to read it correctly. If you do not, you have to move back a space. Once you get to the center you get to pick a book to read. The rest of the students will play a smaller version of the game while they are waiting.

Once you have finished the game, draw a picture from one of your favorite books or from the book we read today.

Activity #3

I will tell you the letter we are looking for on each page. When you hear a word that starts with that letter, hold up the stick with that letter on it.

Activity #2

Activity #1


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