[2013] Josselyn Torres (ESL B): BUNNIES

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[2013] Josselyn Torres (ESL B): BUNNIES

This is the book

Rabbits are herbivores that eat a diet of plant matter such as fruits and leafy green vegetables.

The Bunnies

Rabbits have a surprising skeleton.

Lives in dry areas close to sea level with soft sandy soil and to facilitate the construction of burrows. They live in forests, but prefer large fields covered by bushes where they can hide. Formerly were also common on farmland although they plow new methods include destruction of rabbit warrens. However, this species has adapted to human activity living in parks, lawns or even cemeteries. Sometimes found in agricultural crops where they feed lettuce, grains or roots whose purpose was human intake.

Generally selected composite plants, legumes and perennial grasses Small size and tendency to form lawns. In winter his regime consists of stems and bark of shrubs. You can dig the ground to find roots, seeds and bulbs, it is also able to climb shrubs and bushes to eat the young adult retoños.Un consume 200 to 500 grams per day plant. When rabbits are present in significant density, its impact on the environment it is important to: lock the reproduction of certain species of plants, but also consequently animal.

VOCABULARYPERENNIAL:A plant that lives 3 or more years and produces reproductive structures every year.LEGUMES:Fruit or seed growing inside a pod in a line with other equal: lentils, beans, chickpeas and peas are legumes.FARMLAND:Arable land, cropland, planting land, arable land, farmland or farmland 1 are expressions designating land that can be used for agriculture, is in fact cultivated plowing, tilling, planting.LETTUCE: Lettuce, typical of semi-temperate regions, grown for food. Because of the many varieties that exist, and their increasing greenhouse crop can be consumed throughout the year.

MY OPINIONI think rabbits are The most fascinating in the world Because we are family run very fast.Also of rats rabbits eat many things but his favorite is the carrot.These animals have the ability to dig very fast for the predators do not eat.Rabbits have the ability to run very fast and that makes them very fascinating.



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