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Bungie: Innovators of an Era

Bungie went from humble beginnings in a small room in Chicago to being one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. They're trendsetters not just in gaming, but in entertainment in general.

Time Line


Bungie Inc. Is Founded

Bungie is known for making Halo, but they were pioneers in the FPS genre before that. They made the game Marathon in 1994, and it moved Mac gaming forward.

Bungie announced it's partnership with Mircosoft in 2000, and released Halo: CE in 2001 as an XBOX exclusive. Halo 2 was then released in 2004, and revolutionized the gaming genre.

Bungie has changed as a company, and decided to create Destiny in 2009. Now, 5 years later, it was released to rave reviews and record sales. Bungie has not only had it's trends over the years, but it also created one.

Halo 3 has sold over 8 million copies and is widely regarded as the Xbox 360's greatest game. It recieved a perfect 10 from Gameinformer.

Halo 3: ODST and Halo Wars were two unsucessful spinoffs, but Halo: Reach was a fantastic game and was Bungie's last at the head of Halo.

Bungie was founded by Alex Seropian in 1991. Funded by his friends and family. he released his first game: Operation Desert Storm. It sold 2,500 copies.


Marathon is Released


Original Halo Trilogy



Bungie Leaves Halo

Destiny is Released


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