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Words of Advice from Mrs. Wager's Class..."If you are getting bullied you should tell someone, or it will just keep happening again and again" -Stephanie"Know the difference between tattling and telling" -Maggie"If someone says stop...stop!" -Nick"Don't drain the buckets at Pinewood...make them full" -Ava"Follow the golden rule" -Ellen

A Few More Words of Advice..."When bullies are mean to you, don't say or do anything back" -Rebecca"Be a good friend" -Ethan"If you get hurt, don't suspect that they did it on purpose" -Bella"If you are getting bullied you should not be afriad to tell someone" -Sara

Punching, shoving, and other acts that hurt people physically

Getting certain people to gang up on others

Keeping certain people out of a group

Spreading bad rumors about people

Teasing people in a mean way

Our Skits :)

"The New Girl"Rebecca, Sara, Lily & Dominique

"The Reading Group"Chris, Daniella, Stephanie, & Dominic

"The Bullies"Stephanie, Gino, Ethan, & Ellen

"Just Kidding"Bella, Ava, & Maggie

"Math Games"Randeep, Daniel, Dylan, Nick, Mandy, & Anita


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