Bullying in School

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Bullying in School

Warning Signs Increased passivity or withdrawal Sudden drop in grades Not wanting to go to school Significant changes in social life Sudden change in the way your child talks

How do bullied kids feel?Hurt, scared, sick, lonely, sad, & embarassed are a few feelings that bullied kids can feel.

Bullying in Schools A guide for parents

How should you as Parents react? Teach kids to solve problems without violence Give children positive feedback when they behave well Ask your children about their day and LISTEN to them If you see bullying, stop it right away, even if it's your child doing it Most importantly, take bullying seriously!

What can Social Workers do to help?

Social Workers can include students in peer driven intervention programs for bullying

Advocacy is important for social workers who want to address bullying.It needs to be a major component in education at the micro, mezzo and macro level

In addition...Equip teachers and staff with prevention skillsSupport parents' efforts to teach their children good social skillsCreate a positive school environment


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