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Computer Science

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Digital World

Is it technologygetting bettter andbetter by the day but you need to be carefull when you areon technology becauserandom peoplecan text you chat with you on all theses websites

you should always be careful of what you are posting on line.you dont know what wierd people are viewing them.

CyberBulliying became a big issue in this world everyday someone is getting cyberbullied right

did you know: Teens commonly take Photos/videos of themselves or their peers using cameras built into their -the content typically ends up on social network sites or is sent to peers through messaging. as of june 2012 , canadians were sending an average of 1.5 million MMS messages per day

our mission is to: -reduce the inidence of missing sexually exploited children - educate the public on child personal safety and sexual expolition -Assist in the location of missing childern -Advocate for and increase awareness about issues relating to missing and sexually exploited children

when you lose your phone and some else find it they can jailbreak it and go through it and see all of your info

like and photos/videos sent from a phone or laptop can disclose your location sexual picture can be found and the picture or video can stay forever

Now days woman and men are just showing there bodies and just exposeing there selfs




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