Bully-Free Bulldogs

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Bully-Free Bulldogs

4 TYPES OF BULLYINGPHYSICAL BULLYING: Hitting, Kicking, Pinching, Punching, any physical attack.CYBER BULLYING: Texting, "Prank" Calls, E-mails, Bullying through Instant Messaging (IM).EMOTIONAL BULLYING- Spreading nasty stories, leaving others out of groups or activites, spreading rumors, even if "true"VERBAL BULLYING- Name calling, Insulting, hurtful teasing or jokes,unkind remarks, using bad language toward others

QUESTIONS ABOUT BULLYING: Have YOU ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied someone else? What can anybody do to help? WRITE and TELL Us YOUR stories!!

What is Bullying?Bullying is when someone does or says something to have power over another person.

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Reach Out Speak UpBe a Kid Against Bullying


Emotional Bullying

Verbal Bullying

Physical Bullying

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