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Social Studies

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Watch the videos and think about how YOU can do the right thing!

Speak Out!

Be Brave!


Make things Better!

If someone is harassing others, they SHOULD get in trouble!


Turn itaround!

If you can't solve the problem by yourself...tellan adult!

You can stop kids that want to bully others!


  • Thilany1 11 years ago

    Thilany1's avatar

    this is an awesome glog. sending it TO A BUNCH OF MY FRIENDS

  • shqkx6o 11 years ago

    shqkx6o's avatar

    no da thilany1 i thought for a little bite and that made me to stand up for myself and i never standed up for myselfand nothing and i mean nothing is going to get in my way or stop me or even bully me in my way. P.S. the person who did this is smart

  • sunrise651 11 years ago

    sunrise651's avatar

    Great glog!
    I alerted it to all my pupils!

  • Katelynn813 11 years ago

    Katelynn813's avatar

    i like your glog

  • Cassie1668 10 years ago

    Cassie1668's avatar

    this is a good glog i hope it stops bullying and cyber bullying!

  • Broski112 10 years ago

    Broski112's avatar

    Great Job.

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