Bullfrog Dissection

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Bullfrog Dissection

The puropse of this lab was to show the similarities and differences between humans and frogs.


BullfrogDissectionAlexis Marciniak and Tasha TampsonAnatomy P3 8-31-15

A similarity between frogs and humans is air enters both bodies through 2 nostrils, passes through the windpipe, and is recieved by the lungs. A difference is frogs can exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide through their skin.


A similarity between frogs and humans is as oxygen enters the alveoli, it gets dissolved. A difference is in frogs gas exchange already takes place in the respiratory surface lining of their buccal cavity, and in humans, air must be pushed into the lungs first before gas exchange can occur.

A similarity between humans and frogs is both bodies are supported by the skeleton. A difference is that frogs dont have ribs.

A similarity between frogs and humans is femalesproduce eggs that are fertillzed by sperm from male. A difference is frogs requires water to reproduce.

A similartiy between frogs and huamns is both digestive systems start ib the mouth. A difference is in humans, a majority of nutrients absorption occurs in the jejunum. And in frogs, in occurs in the ileum.

A similarity between frogs and humans is the urinary system includes a kidney and a bladder. A difference is frogs have a cloaca.







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