Bullfrog Dissection

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Bullfrog Dissection

The purpose of this disection is to learn about how a frog's anatomy compares to a humans using anatomical terms.

BullfrogDissectionArthur Pattengale DC Anat/Phys P4


One of the similarites between the frog's skin and a human's skin is that they both have a large network of blood vessels throughout the skin. A difference between the frog's skin and a humans is that the frog can breathe through its skin while we can not.


Like a frog, humans start the digestion process in the mouth which leads to the stomach then to the small intestine, but unlike the frog, humans don't have a tongue that is elastic and sticky.


The frogs and humans are the same in that they both (in males) have testes but in females they lay eggs in the water while the male fertilizes them.

In the frog, waste secreations occur through one opening called the cloaca while in humans there are two orifices that waste exits from. One thing that they share in common is the fact that they both have a bladder to process urine.


A similarity between the frog's respirtory system and a humans is that they both breathe through the nose, although in humans a diaphram is used to help the lungs inhale and exhale;while in a frog there is no diaphram.


A diference between humans and frogs is that humans are bipedal while frogs are tetrapods and use four legs to walk. One thing that is alike is that they both have a humerus and radius.


Link: http://animals.howstuffworks.com/amphibians/frog2.htm


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