Bullfrog Dissection

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Bullfrog Dissection

The purpose of this bullfrog dissection was to teach us the basics of dissection and how to find and name what and where certain body parts were.


BullfrogDissection Kendra Johnson DC Anat/Phys P4

A bullfrog's stomach is located inferior to the liver and in a female, it is superior to the oviducts. The inside of the stomach had deep ridges to assist in digesting its prey.


A bullfrog's skin is moist a nd damp to the touch. This type of skin is an adaptation to their ideal moist environment. A humans skin is different than a bullfrog's because mammals have hair and bullfrogs do not. They are similar because each has more than one layer.

The lungs of a bullfrog are similar to those of a human because there is two of them that are located superior to the stomach. The respiratory sytem is different because bullfrogs have that capability to obtain oxygen through its membranous skin.

The shoulders and front legs of a bullfrog are very similar to a human's because they both have a scapula, along with a humerus, and radius and ulna in the forearm. The hind legs are different because a bullfrogs legs are specially designed for leaping long distances, where as human's are made for walking vertically, not leaping horizontally.

Female bullfrogs are different from female humans because a bullfrog's fallopian tubes are very long and tangled and her eggs are along the entire tube, where as a human only has two, short fallopian tubes that connect to the ovaries where human eggs are stored.

The urinary systems between a bullfrog and a human are different because both liquid and solid waste is passed through the cloaca, whereas humans have an utrethra for liquid waste and solid waste passes through the rectum





Bullfrog's cloaca

Inside of a bullfrog's remvoed stomach

Bullfrog's nostrils

Female bullfrog's removed oviducts

Anterior view of the bullfrog's skin

Bullfrog's phalanges



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