Bullfrog Dissection

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Bullfrog Dissection

The purpose of this disection is to study the body systems and their similarities and differences compared to humans.


BullfrogDissectionAndie A. and Aurora M. DC Anat/Phys P4

The skin of the bullfrog differs from the skin of man, because it has a different job. The skin of a bullfrog is often used in the respiratory system to take in oxygen while under water.


The bullfrog has a set of lungs located similarly to the lungs of a human. However, frog lungs are much smaller compared to humans because they don't use their lungs as often.

Frogs have a similar skeletal structure to humans. Both frogs and humans have one 'upper arm bone,' the humerous, and one 'thigh bone,' the femur. However, frogs only have one 'shin-bone,' the tibiofibula, while humans have two, the tibia and the fibula.

Since frogs are amphibians, they lay eggs to reproduce. In the picture shown above, you can see the fillopian tubes of this female frog. The fillopian tubes look very similar to human intestines.

The bullfrogs digestive system is very similar to that of a human. Both humans and frogs have a gullet, which leads to an esophagus which then leads to the stomach.

Unlike humans, who have different organs to get rid of different types of wastes, bullfrogs only have one. This is called the cloaca.






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