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When someone has Bulimiasome go on a cycle.They try starting a diet,then they get cravings ,they binge to avoid gainning weight then purge.After that they feel ashamed .

When a bulimic person purges after they eat. It only gets 50% of the calories.

Side effects= weight gain, abdominal pain, bloating, swelling of the hands and feet, chronic sore throat, broken blood vessels in the eyes, swollen cheeks and sailvary glands, weakness and dizziness, tooth deray and mouth etc.

They feel that when they eat that are gainning weight. That by purging they are not gainning weight.


they feel like they are not beautiful.Why they feel this is because todays society makes everyone feel as if they have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Well you don't beauty is in you, you just may not see it.

DepressionAnxietySocial isolation negative body image

Bulimia is a an disorder.It is when someone is unhappy with the way they look ,so instead of dieting they choose to eat whatever they want. But when they are done they will purge. Most of the time people do this because they have no control of what they eat

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