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Roman MedicineWhen Roman soilders broke a bone doctors would brace it with sticks. Since infection was a really big concern when someone got a big cut they had a choice to get there limb cut off with a giant pair of shears or a saw. Rich romans normally had there own doctors to make sure there kids grew up healthy. Doctors in ancient Rome didn't charge for there visit but they do expect a tip frome wealther Romans.

Roofing and water In ancient Rome roofs were made up of shingles just like modern day roofs. The shingles were made from clay and then dried in the sun. At the bottom of the shingle there was a big cylinder shape so rain water would hit the roof and flow on top of the clay cylinder and off the roof.

TreadmillsTreadmills were placed at the top of mines or alonside rivers. The treadmills at the top of mines were for pulling water out of the mines after it rained while slaves pulled the treadmill all day the water would be lifted up and dumped into a big container and anothor treadmill above the first one would pull the water out of the container. Anothor use for treadmills was by putting them alongside rivers and the force of the water would spin them this power would be used to run flower mills.

ConcreteAs Rome devolped in architexture they wanted there buildings to be more safe. Roman builders came across a mixture of volcanic ash, limstone, and water they found that this mixture was very strong an suportive so Roman builders started using this mixture for all buildings and later in roads.

Building columes Since columes in ancient Rome were so big and heavy builders had to come up with a way to lift them up. One of the ways builders did this is that they cut the columes into peices and had a big crane with a wheel in the middle that slaves where in and when the slaves walked inside the wheel the object was lifted into the air by the pully. The crane the Romans used was very heavy so they had to anchor it to the ground with huge stakes.

Building RoadsAt the top of the road there were big slabs of stone under the big slabs where small stone wedged togethor under that was bigger stones bound togethor with cement and beneath those rocks was large stones wedged tightly togethor. On the sides of the roads there were ditches for drainage.

Fun facts1. only rich Romans could be civil engineers.2.After ruts formed in the road from two wheels people made carts with one wheel so their wheels didn't get stuck in the two ruts.3.After Romans saw the Greeks using marble the Romans copied them and also used marble.4.Doctors learned about the inside of bodys by cutting open dead criminals.


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