Building The Perfect Team

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Building The Perfect Team

Industrial-Organizational Psychology can help to research and identify how attitudes and behaviors can be implemented through hiring practices, training programs, and feedback systems in the workplace.

MotivationalPotential Assesment

Your approach to recruiting is the first step in creating a consistant and dependable employee base. Employers should focus on experience and skills by evaluting how well an applicant fits into the company culture. Interview questions should focus on working as a team member, creative problem-sovling skills, and creating value for the company. Putting the potential employee through a series of tests is also a great way to determine if they will fit in as part of the team.

ProductivityAnalyzing productivity issues allows the employer to pin-point the conern, and make adjustments accordingly to increase the productivity of employees. Providing employees with opportunities for social interacion, such as a large break room, increases moral and productivity. Varying employee's responsibilities helps to reduce burnout, and in turn increases their efficiency. These techniques not only take care of your employee's needs, but also increase productivity at the same time.

Training and DevelopmentAfter analyzing and identifying an employees weaknesses, a training and development program can be implemented to bring your employee to the level that you require. By customizing classes for a specific employee, you are showing your employee that you believe in them, and are willing to put in the time and effort to training them. This increases moral, and leads to a confident and productive employee

Team BuildingTeam building is a great way to show your employees that they are not functioning independently, but they are working as part of a team. Ice breakers, trust exercises, or opportunities to bond with fellow co-workers are all great ways to help employees feel a connection with each other. Having employees believe that they are working towards a common goal will increase productivity


Personality & Integrity Test

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Resolving ConflictBy looking at other factors besides the specific issue causing the problem, conflicts can be resolved quicker, easier, and with longer-term success. Identifying the needs of the employee, such as the need for dignity, empowerment, and respect can help to get to the root of the problem. An employee who feels as though their needs are being met will remain as a long-term, and productive employee.

Building The Perfect TeamHow to Create an Ideal Work Environment Using Industrial & Organizational Psychology


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