Building the Canadian pacific railway

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Building the Canadian pacific railway

Canadian Pacific Railway Crew laying tracks at Lower Fraser Valley, 1881

Who was involved in building the CPRail??

Building the Canadian Pacific Railway

The CPR is a company that started by John Alexander Macdonald(1st Prime Minister), George Stephen 1st Baron Mount Stephen who discovered it and William Cornelius Van Horne who finished it. The Canadian Government hired an American contractor,Andrew Onderdonk to start the construction.

What is the CPRail??

It is a railway or train company that has trains that stretch through Canada.

When is the CPRail started??

The CPRail caused a lot of delays building the construction. Some reasons were The Pacific Scandal- it is the resignation of John Macdonald's government, then taken over by Liberals(under Alexander Mackenzie) who then disagreed in building the CPRail. Until John A. Macdonald Macdonald was re-elected in 1878 that construction of the railwaystarted in earnest. February 16, 1881 Canada's governor general declared the CPR company "Official" and the company was born. Building the CPRail ended in 1885.

Why is the CPRail built??

The original purpose was the construction was the transcontinental railway, a promise to British Columbia upon its entry into confedereation in 1871.

Where did it happen. :)??

The CPR runs aproximately 4 thousand miles(22,500 km miles) of track across all of Canada and also into the U.S. It is originally built between Eastern Canada and British Columbia.


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