[2010] Hannah LaMaine: Building Strong Families

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[2010] Hannah LaMaine: Building Strong Families

Chapter 3: Building Strong Families

The Family Life Cycle:Beginning StageParental Stage 1Parental Stage 2Parental Stage 3Middle AgeRetirement

Vocabulary:.1. Nuclear Family2. Single-Parent Family3. Custodial Parent4. Blended Family5. Extended Family6. Legal Guardian7. Foster Children8. Intergenerational

Vocabulary:1. Deprivation2. Parenting Style3. Guidance4. Self-Discipline5. Conscience6. Positive Reinforcement7. Negative Reinforcement8. Time-Out

Trends Affecting Families:Mobility- Many families value a strong family connection and find it's worth an extra effort to maintain bonds.Aging Population- There is a lot more intergenerational interaction between grandparents and grandchildren.Economic Changes- Finances are often the primary reason why both parents in a nuclear family are employed, and this means that parents can't spend as much time with their children as they like.Workplace Changes- Many companies employ fewer workers and the types of jobs avaible are rapidly changing.Technology- Advances in technology make family life both easier and more complicated.

Types of Positive Reinforcement:1. Be specific2. Comment on the behavior as soon as possible3. Recognize small steps4. Help children take pride in their actions5. Tailor the encouragement to the needs of the child6. Use positive reinforcement wisely

Parenting Styles:1. Authoritarian2. Assertive-Democratic3. Permissive

What Needs Parents Need to Take Care of:1. Physical Needs2. Emotional and Social Needs3. Intellectual Needs

Types of Negative Reinforcement:1. Natural consequences2. Logical consequences3. Loss of privileges4. Time-Out

Poor Disciplinary Measures:1. Bribing2. Making children promise to behave3. Shouting or yelling4. Shaming or belittling5. Threatening to withhold love6. Exaggerating the consequences


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